EasyTCPSocket in android

EasyTCPSocket doesn’t seem to be implemented in Android.
Is that an oversight, on the to-do list still, or is there a reason it cannot be added?
If it can’t be added, can the communication protocol be described so one could implement it themselves?

It’s also not implemented on iOS, so I don’t think it’s an oversight. I’m hoping it gets added there, too.


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well crap…

You could convert this to android…:wink:

TCPSocket alone isn’t implemented in Android (while it is on iOS):

It had been said by Xojo, in early Android testing phases, that TCP wouldn’t be a priority. After that initial announcement, I’ve not read anything about TCP on Android anymore, probably meaning it’s indeed way less than a priority.

Yet, it’s the main reason I don’t port my apps to Android (most of my apps I’d like to port need a TCPSocket) :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

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We had an MVP meeting yesterday and raised concerns about the lack of TCPSocket for Android. I have reason to believe they heard us loud and clear.


EasyTCPSocket is not implemented for iOS, but TCPSocket sure is. I hope that will also be rectified after our meeting yesterday as it was also discussed, as @Gavin_Smith said.

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Great news; thank you!