Easy way for ImageWell with image and BackColor

Sorry if the topic is very confusing.
I have, in one case, a TextArea that I use BackColor to flash to give an indication to the user.
I would also like to have an image (jpg or similar), currently in an ImageWell, also flash.

One thing I thought of is to have a Rectangle behind it to flash, but that would cause other problems.

Another would be to make the ImageWell larger with the extra space changing color, but I think that is too complicated.

What else can I do?

If you are “lazy” (no offense intended) do it this way. It’s not complicated to fille the BG with a Color and then draw your picture onto it. :wink:

Oh. Thanks. I hadn’t realized a TextArea supported graphics as in drawing pictures.

I just found the method DrawInto. It has been around apparently for ever. It kinda figures since it can draw text.

That simplifies things. I can get rid of a lot of controls.

Sorry, but I didn’t realize DrawInto apparently works the opposite way. One draws the control into something.
A quote RealBasic Developer 8.1 p 44.