EarnApp (Make money with App)

Hi, I don’t want to make their promotion, I don’t know them. I develop Mac (and Windows) applications as a hobbyist. I received an email from them. My english is not very good and I’m not sure to understand the deal. Before go further and waste my time to try to understand, does one of you know them?
Is it only for Smartphone applications (iOS, Android) or for computer too (MacOS, Windows)?

You instal THEIR app on your device. They use your hardware and internet and you get paid for that. it is mobile and desktop but… Not sure what is your question.

Anyway, at $0.1/Gb is not at all the “big money” they say in their site :rofl:

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it’s for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry and Android.

I don’t know them. But they offer Amazon gift cards or cashout by PayPal.

You let them use your internet bandwidth and in return they offer you money.

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Here is what I received:

Hi Thomas,

You probably get many monetization offers, but this one is different.

EarnApp generates additional revenue that increases your total profit. It does not display ads, and does not load the user’s CPUs. It works in the background, even when your app is not in use, and it is GDPR/CCPA compliant.

EarnApp lets you monetize free users AND increase conversion to premium .For example, you can offer one premium feature to users who opt-in. This increases retention, giving you more opportunities to upsell to the full premium version.

Join many developers already seeing the benefits:

  • You get a sign-up bonus of $1000 or more
  • EarnApp pays in advance every month
  • Get paid as long as your app is installed ; even when it is not actively used.
  • Possible cash acquisition : we acquire great apps/companies, you could be next!

Our FAQs contain lots of info, but I am happy to explain in person on Skype or Zoom anytime. Are you available for a quick call tomorrow?


Maya Miller | Partnership Manager, EarnApp | Skype: live:.cid.7957d6600f8b6967

I thought it has something to do with my applications as I already received in the past email to buy my website or redirect a page (my software) to their website, or do promotion in my applications. I thought it was something like that. That’s why I asked on the Xojo forum as I thought they contact developers.
If I well read you, I totally misunderstood, it is something like SETI project (except we are volunteers). We run their application on our computer and they use our ressource to what they want.
Sorry for the disturbing and thank you for yours answers.

Exactly like that that but for money. :thinking: I see, they are now offering it for Developers to integrate it. It is the same yhing, your app will instal something in the final user device, EarnApp will use the final user internet and you get paid.

Interesting but not sure what end user could think about that.

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For devs, they want that you install their bandwidth stealer ™ engine in your app, so when people are using your app, they will be using your users resources for they “whatever” network.

It’ll destroy your app reputation. I would avoid it…


Ahhhh, then I didn’t totally misunderstood, they effectively ask me to integrate something in my applications. I won’t accept, as an user, I would be upset to download an application which use m processor and my memory to something else of what it is suppose to.