DynaPdfMBS won't add new lines from label

I’m trying out dynaPdfMBS and works well but can’t print multi-line text from a label. It all comes out on one line.

  Call pdf.CreateNewPDF(f)
  // append a new page, so we have an open page
  Call pdf.Append

 // get graphics object to draw on the page
  Dim g As Graphics = pdf.PageGraphics
 // draw 
  g.DrawString (myLabel.text,cx,cy)

  // close page and file
  Call pdf.EndPage
  Call pdf.CloseFile

tried this but no difference

I already have a function to print a graphics object containing pictures and text to paper or third-party pdf file maker program and line endings work fine but i want to incorporate a built in pdf function using MBS.

Which plugin version?
I think multi line was added for 19.3 version.

I updated the plugin just in case but no luck.
Not a big deal, I’ll just use something like split(myLabel.Text,endofLine) to break it into separate lines and print each line individually.

I’ll put it on the todo list…