DynaPDFMBS Color variation

When I export a PDF , I insert a picture that displays nicely on screen in my app, yet become dull when displayed in the resulting PDF and Preview
This seems to be a common complaint about PDF on the Mac, and is probably profile related

The question: how can I get back the bright colors?
I think I might do it by changing the taregt profile, but I dont know enough about it

AddOutputIntent asks for an .ICC file representing the profile… has anyone used this call, and knows what to be done?
@Sam Rowlands might be ‘the man’ (again)?

how do you insert image?
do you set the right colorspace before or include correct icc profile with the image file?

Colors Show perfect if color profiles are set right.
If existing picture is taken with wrong color profile, it doesn’t show right.

AddOutputIntent is used by examples to create PDF/A.

Maybe not.
I certainly don’t include correct icc profile… Im asking how to do that here.
How do you set a colorspace without a profile?

I use RGB images

Can you provide sample project and sample image file?
so I can see what you try?