DynaPDF Starter Special Offer


Until Christmas, if you like to get in touch with our MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin, please check this offer:

DynaPDF Starter features

  • Create PDFs
  • Available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems
  • Color spaces DeviceGray, DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK
  • Create and Edit JavaScript Functions / JavaScript Actions
  • Creation of Tagged PDF files
  • Custom Page Templates
  • File Attchments / File Attachment Annotations
  • Font Subsetting
  • Full access to content streams
  • JPEG 2000 Compression
  • More than 60 code pages, incl. 17 CJK character sets and Unicode
  • Named Destinations
  • Native PDF Transparency for Images (Alpha channels)
  • No differentiation between client and server application
  • Royalty free Distribution
  • Support for multi-page TIFF’s
  • Tables
  • Text formatting, multi-column text
  • Vector graphics, line dash patterns, shadings, patterns
  • Web links, File links, Page links, Bookmarks

Instead of regular $199 USD you can choose:

  • Pay only $99 USD for a Starter license with 1 year of updates.
  • Or pay regular price and get updates for 3 years included.

Which way is your preference?
All licenses can easily be upgraded later to Lite, Pro or Enterprise levels.

Maybe you download the plugin on our website and try the 190 example projects

I know DynaPDF has a learning curve, but as soon as you get used to the way it works, you can leverage the full power of this PDF library. But for easy start we also have an example for a graphics class like interface. Or maybe you get Bob Keeney’s Shorts for your reports and output the PDFs there?

If you want to use this offer, please email me.


Hi Christian,

one question, what does “Full access to content streams” mean?
Does it mean I can access (read-only would be okay) full-text of any given PDF with .ExtractPageText?

The content stream gives you all the data on a page.
So you have the raw commands for drawing text, vector graphics or images there.

To extract text you need at least a lite version.

Thank you very much for this information.