DynaPDF SaveGraphicState

Im trying to draw rotated shapes in a DynaPDF document.
The terrible docs for DynaPDF say to SaveGraphicState , then do stuff, then RestoreGraphicState afterwards

However, they also say ’ if you rotatecoords, then you force the use of bottom up co-ordinate system’

RestoreGraphicState seems to imply that it puts things back the way they were, but it doesnt.
I get page 1 working as top down.
I SaveGraphicState
Then I rotatecoords and draw something
Then I restorestate

And the next page is upside down as it is still in bottom-up co-ordinates

Is there no way to restore top-down after a rotatecoords?

call pdf.SaveGraphicState call pdf.RotateCoords 360.0- 45 *180.0/3.14159, 0, 0 call pdf.Rectangle (0.00, 0.00, 200.0, 100.0,3) call pdf.RestoreGraphicState

SaveGraphicState saves the graphics state. Top Down vs. Bottom Up is a convenience function from DynaPDF and not part of the save state.
But you can just call SetPageCoords after the restore again yourself.