DynaPDF PDF/A question


According to the feature grid for the DynaPDF editions:

PDF/A creation is included with all editions except Starter…

But on the pricing page:

There is a line item:
DynaPDF PDF/A Extension for Pro/Enterprise

Which is pretty pricey… Because of that line item (i never looked closely at the feature matrix) I always assumed I could not create PDF/A files without the extension…

So is PDF/A creation supported for all editions except Starter, or does one need at least Pro + that extension to do that?

If not what exactly is that extension for?


You can crate a new PDF file with PDF/A using Lite or higher.

But if you like to import an existing PDF and run it through the PDF/A converter, then please buy the DynaPDF Pro + PDF/A add-on.

Let me know if you have more questions.