DynaPDF Create Page

How do I create a new page with DynaPDF?

I have tried the examples but while they work nothing I customize myself seems to work.

Mostly dumb stuff like:

dim ifile as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("temp.pdf")

seems to show the file does not exist yet it should, shouldn’t it?

Seems really difficult just to create a 2 page pdf here.

The command to append is named “append”.

Could you give me an example of what I need to do with that command, thanks.

		call pdf.Append
		call pdf.SetFont "Times", pdf.kfsItalic, 40.0, true, pdf.kcp1252
		call pdf.WriteFText pdf.ktaCenter, "My first Realbasic output!"
		call pdf.EndPage

Maybe like this?
Add a page, write something and close page.

Ok I will try that thanks

Im confused if I call call pdf.Append nothing shows up after that. How do I use this?

This sucks while it seems easy to create one page doing more than that seems to be a real pain.

Heres some code which creates a pdf and inserts a picture into each page, creating a 6 page document.

[code] dim pdf as dynapdf
// get the file to save to
file = getSaveFolderItem( “.pdf”, “MyChart.pdf” )
pdf=new DynaPDF

//pdf.SetLicenseKey "something"

dim bfirstpage as boolean
call pdf.CreateNewPDF file
call pdf.SetDocInfo pdf.kdiSubject, “the subject”
call pdf.SetDocInfo pdf.kdiProducer, “my app”
call pdf.SetDocInfo pdf.kdiTitle, “the title”
call pdf.SetDocInfo pdf.kdiAuthor, “the copyright notice”
bfirstpage = true

fro x = 1 to 6
if bfirstpage then
bfirstpage = false
call pdf.Append
call pdf.EndPage
call pdf.Append
end if

//basically your code goes here ==========
call pdf.SetPageWidth mypic.width
call pdf.SetPageheight mypic.height
call pdf.InsertPicture(mypic,0,0, mypic.width,mypic.height)


        call pdf.endpage
         call pdf.CloseFile

         file.launch() // try to display the saved  file
        msgbox "Error opening the pdf"
  end try