DynaPDF and App Store submissions rejected

Has anyone submitted anything using DynaPDF (successfully) to the App Store?
I just tried but I’m getting rejected for the following (just a clipping of the full report).

ITMS-90338: Non-public API usage - The app references non-public selectors in Frameworks/MBS_MacBase_NSFont_Plugin_20538.framework/MBS_MacBase_NSFont_Plugin_20538: advancementForGlyph:, appendBezierPath:, appendBezierPathWithArcFromPoint:toPoint:radius:, appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:radius:startAngle:endAngle:, appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:radius:startAngle:endAngle:clockwise:, appendBezierPathWithOvalInRect:,

It’s so frustrating to see this after it’s been working perfectly well both in the simulator and when I manually install it on my phone or iPad.

DynaPDF is not mentioned in the clipping - are you shure your app is rejected because of the DynaPDF Plugin? Looks like something from the MBSMacBase Plugin…

I have a small invoicing app using DynaPDF in the Mac App Store - never had any problems with the DynaPDF Plugin. Last review/update was three weeks ago…

Well that’s a good point. I assumed Dayna because that’s what I’m using those graphics calls with. That’s the only place I’m doing so.

It’s possible that the system fonts are being registered with the DynaPDF engine from code in the MBSMacBase plugin. Where’s @Christian_Schmitz ?

I will have to go through that list of names and disable/rename them all for iOS.

I’m using the your mirrored graphics class. I don’t care which fonts I use, but I need to control side and bold vs plain.
Can you think of any short term workarounds?

Again, so odd it works in the simulator.

When I create a PDF in iOS, it works fine in Simulator
On a real device, the generated PDF hangs the device when sent to ‘Markup’

Im not convinced its ready for shipping, and took out the PDF functionality to ship my App
I have no workaround as yet.

I’ve send you a link for a new plugin. Please try.

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Thank you, Christian.