Dynamic Adding Buttons to a DesktopToolBar using infomration from db

I am trying too add buttons to a toolbar based on settings in SQLite. the Property MenuHead(20) is defined as DesktopToolbarItem. I have the following code in the openning event for the DesktopToolBar

/// Load Menu on toolbar

var rs as RowSet
Var ct as Integer = 1

rs = wTL.db.SelectSQL(“select HeadSeq, Label from TL_MENU_HEAD order by HeadSEQ ;”)

MenuHead() = New DesktopToolbarItem

// The following compile error shows
// wTL.tbMenu1.Opening, line 9
// The constructor of this class is protected, and can only be called from within this class
// MenuHead() = New DesktopToolbarItem

For Each Row As DatabaseRow In rs

if MenuHead(ct) is Nil then
  MenuHead(ct).Caption = rs.Column("Label").StringValue
  MenuHead(ct).Name    = rs.Column("Label").StringValue
  MenuHead(ct).ButtonStyle = DesktopToolbarButton.ButtonStyles.DropDownMenu
  //...   Code to add entries to the drip down menus
  ct = ct + 1


Catch error As DatabaseException
End Try

So make the scope of the Constructor be global.