Duplicate set of input fields

Hi there,
I am not at my development machine at the moment so can not experiment so thought I would ask the question here.
I am creating an interface to be able to add bills / invoices. For the line items I would like to dynamically add new lines (which have several input fields) as required. What would be the easiest way of doing this. Can you group all the inputs somehow and then clone them (changing the name of course).

Yes. Look at Container Controls.

You can also look at New to create dynamically (on the fly) new TextField (or TextArea) group of new invoice / bill lines.

I use a listbox for this. With a little creativity you can get a robust editing experience, complete with drop down selections and masked inputs (phone numbers, part numbers, etc. )

I did consider a listbox as well. Thanks all for your input. I will play around a bit and see how I get on.

@Tim Hare - any hints on how to have a dropdown in one of the cells of the listbox. The listbox is going to work for me nicely.

I use a floating window with a listbox positioned just below the cell. Communication between the windows is through method calls and events. Everything is a subclass of course with the functionality baked in, so it takes very little code to implement an instance.