Dual Screen

I need to show one form on the extend monitor but when i show the form i try to move it but my program get stock on show that only form after close the form the program continue to run the rest of the aplication.

If you share some code we may be able to help.

Is your Form a modal window?

i have use
Var sc1 as New Windows1
but it show only on main screen no in the extended screen
this is DeskTop app

Try this:

Var sc1 As New Windows1
If Screen.ScreenCount > 1 Then
  sc1.Left = Screen.ScreenAt(1).Left
  sc1.Top = Screen.ScreenAt(1).Top
End If
sc1.Left = sc1.Left + 40
sc1.Top = sc1.Top + 40

Wayne thanks so much for binge help.
Now is Working

hi Wayne
Now how i close the from when main form close, i try MyWin.Close but it crash.

UnhandledException: NilObjectException

Current date: 2023-10-29 21:15:07

Executable Name: GasPos.exe
Executable Path: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\GasPos.exe_ERRORLOG.txt

Executable Size: 8854636
Executable ModificationDate: 2023-10-29 21:12:00
Executable CreationDate: 2023-10-20 18:39:25

Call Stack:


Make mywin a property of the main window then you can close mywin in the close event of the main window.

thanks wayne, that give me the idea and i found other way to make it.