dtPlugins - dtListView how set row background color?

I’ve just download the dtPlugins trial before purchasing and I’ve explored the esamples, it is exciting to see how many things that ios frameworks lacks Jean-Paul give to us, applause!

What I need is to customize the background color of dtListView and its rows. Changing the background of dtList is easy, because I’ve found the method:


but it apply just to the portion of the table without rows. Rows mantain their usual white background.

The following code in the Open event of a dtTableView produce the below image, where you can see the bluette background only in the three empty row at bottom of the table and not in the items rows of the sections (where items 2 is shown selected), that are left white.
I cannot find any method or properties for controlling rows bkg. A workaround is maybe to use SetTagImage with a picture of a rectangle filled with the desired color, but this not elegant nor pratical, as well as there are risks that the colors doesn’t match well.

So the question is: is there a way do directly control the background of rows? And two other questions are: is it possible to set the text color of a Section? And the color of the selection?

// Try to control the appearance of dtListView
  me.xjcontrol_setbackcolor(&ca9bdfe) // Background for dtListView but not for its rows
  me.SetSeparatorColor(&cdbe4fe) // Color of separation lines between rows
  // Populate the List
  me.AddSection "Section with 3 rows",dtListView.SectionType.DefaultSection
  me.InsertRow(0, 0, "Item 1")
  me.InsertRow(0, 0, "Item 2")
  me.InsertRow(0, 0, "Item 3")
  me.AddSection "Section with 2 rows",dtListView.SectionType.DefaultSection
  me.InsertRow(1, 0, "Item 3")
  me.InsertRow(1, 0, "Item 4")
  me.AddSection "Empty Section",dtListView.SectionType.DefaultSection

Thank you Jean Paul for your prompt answer! Tomorrow i’ll try the update package!