Dropping files onto a DesktopTextArea

I wanto be able to drop files onto a DesktopTextaArea and have the DropObject event handler run the code I’ve put there. This works as required under macOS and Windows, but not under Linux. There, instead, the filepath of the dropped file is entered into the TextArea.

How can I prevent this behaviour and instead have the intended action occur?

Edit: In fact as far as I can tell it doesn’t work under Windows either. But it does under macOS.

Under Linux, none of the drag-related events fires at all (DragEnter, DragOver, DropObject). I have an AcceptFileDrop statement in the Opening event of the DesktopTextArea.

Sounds similar to this issue perhaps? https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/72396

OK. After some time fiddling about and eventually noticing that the sample project in #72396 is using a DesktopTextField rather than a DesktopTextArea, the following emerges:

  1. I adapted the project from Issue 72396 to use a TextArea rather than TextField (I set the super to DesktopTextArea and made the control taller).

  2. Under macOS all is OK.

  3. Under Linux Mint 20.3 Una in a VirtualBox VM, running under Catalina and using the shiny new 2023r2, the DragOver event fires not at all.

  4. The DragEnter and DragExit events fire (unsurprisingly) only at the edge of the control.

  5. If I catch Enter or Exit firing, and drop the file exactly there at the edge of the DesktopTextArea, then the DropFile event fires, but not otherwise. When it fires there at the edge, it performs as it should.

Should I make a new issue for this or just add it to #72495 ?

Please create a new issue with your findings, your help is appreciated in tracking this down.

Thanks. That’s Issue #73584.