Dropping a Control Folder onto Navigator Hangs then Fails

Hi Folks,

I am so sure that this used to work, but when I drag a folder from the desktop to the Navigator to add a complete class, the IDE hangs for around 5 minutes and then the drop fails.

Should adding elements to a project in 17r1.1 work in this manner?


Platform ?

It is working for me (Windows 10), although I tend to drop multiple files into an existing folder.

Windows 10 here. Select Folder in Explorer window, drag to Navigator pane, drop, Xojo is not responding - wait / close. Wait and in 4-5 minutes the IDE is back alive, but the dropped folder is not added.

Folder contains Container Control, 14 properties, folder with 11 PNGs, 3 classes.

I can, however, open another project and drag the same folder from that project into the new project with instant results.

I had all sorts of weird issues happening dragging a folder (to test) into a new project until I restarted Xojo, then bingo all is good.

I can say that dragging the contents of a folder into an existing folder in the navigator has never failed for me.

That’s a different way of looking at this - I’ll create the Folder and then drag the pieces from Explorer instead of trying to drop the entire folder.