Dropbox API SDK for Xojo - Open Source

I am releasing the “Dropbox API SDK for Xojo” which is a sub-project I have been working on today and yesterday. I decided to make this project available open source using the BSD-3-Clause license.

Here is a video of it in action (v1.1):
Make sure you are 1080p :slight_smile:

Here is our GitHub Repo:

Please read the “README.MD” on the github site if you are interested. I also enjoy the Xojo community-sourcing of projects so please feel free to Fork and Contribute as there are a bunch of API calls yet to implement. I have implemented 7 calls including oAuth2.0 since I only need these for my project. I will eventually add the remaining Core API calls over time.

I will appreciate any feedback, but please recognize that the Demo window and buttons I really don’t care too much about. :slight_smile: I put that on in about 2 hours as a demo front end to the class based structure I had built within the project. :slight_smile:

Thank you again

Thanks for sharing this.

Note that I locked in the redirected URI using Google (which doesn’t matter the way I implemented this) due to the HTMLViewer issue I have still. You would just need to use the same URI in your App Console on Dropbox. I used a work around for now.

Another Note: I only have been developing this on Mac, but I haven’t used any declares, but I am using Native SDK for the HTMLViewer vs. WebKit.

I a little later tonight Ill try it up against R3.2. FYI.

Superb work, thanks Mike.

Thanks Gavin, its just the start as I have been eyeing a few more calls Ill add most likely tonight :wink: Plus I am hoping my HTMLViewer issue is fixed in R3.2 :slight_smile:

Confirmed 2014 R3.2 it works as expected and committed.

  • Added “/revisions” Core API call

Thank you Mike!

This is great Mike! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

@Mike Cotrone Nice work. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome Mike, can you post the HTMLViewer issue feedback ID?

I had a separate thread on that issue where I posted the Feedback ID. (sorry for the crossing).


Hi Mike

I download You project but i have error 400

Download works fine for me.

I have setup myTestApp on Dropbox. When I click on “Authorize”, the window “Dropbox Account Authorization” shows "Dropbox link with myTestApp successful. Please close this window to continue.
In the main window in the grey box is:
Dropbox oAuth 2.0 successfully authorized

When I click on “My Account” I got this:
error: No auth method found.

Hi Oliver
I have same error 400
what is client id ?

Hi Mike

Can i use this api to my app connect to dropBox and save a backup file on it.

so the user on my app can enter user and pass of dropbox

Has the same problem as Horst Jehle : “error : No auth method found.”

[quote=184916:@Alexis Colon Lugo]Hi Oliver
I have same error 400
what is client id ?[/quote]
Go to https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps
Login, create an app and get the “app key” (aka ‘App Id’) and the “app secret” tokens.

Apparently I was apple to authorize, but then I’m getting a “error: No auth method found”.

In order to overcome the “Error 400” you need to set the same “Redirect URI” in the test app as well as in your app at your developer account:

Thank you Oliver for the response help as I have been out of town on business this week.


I also blogged about these steps here:

HTH everyone!