Drop Object

Should the following work on a Windows Canvas? It seems to work on Mac but not Windows
DropObject Event
if obj.folderItemAvailable then
JumbleArt = obj.folderItem.openAsPicture
end if

openAsPicture returns nil if the file is not a picture or not a format that can be read.

For instance, macOS will happily open and convert CMYK images, but Windows will not.

What image type is the file?

Png or Jpeg is what I have in Filetypes

I understand, but the files themselves. JPEGs can be RGB or CMYK. Windows will not open the latter.

Can you upload one of the images that you’re having trouble with?

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What doesn’t work? You don’t get the drop at all, or you get a drop but the picture then fails to be read? Or something else (App crashing? Computer shuts down? End of the world?).

Sorry for the lack of detail. The problem was it wouldn’t accept the drag item on a compiled Windows 10 as a bug report from a user. I had it working on Windows 7 fine but unable to test on 10.
What I should have asked was am I using any deprecated code and secondly what should I change it to to be more robust or is what I have enough to handle the job of dropping a png or jpeg on the canvas?

I asked the user to send me the file they are trying but still waiting.