Drop object and alias

dropobject code is:

If obj.FolderItem.IsAlias Then
MessageBox “Is Alias”
End If

But nothing happens if I drop an alias on the listbox, in this case.
Acceptfiledrop and filetypes are OK, I can’t get the alias, always get the referring file.

Yes, it’s a known bug fir years. The alias is resolved and it should not.

Case 57966

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I wrote about it back in 2020, with some solutions (that use my own App Kit).



Ok, thanks Thomas and Sam for the info. Pity getting an alias does not work.

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Shouldn’t this work:

Tried that but followAlias does not work.

It should but doesn’t. Bug has been known for a long time so whether you should or should not expect a fix soon I can’t possibly comment on …

I just clicked “Reopen issue” as this bug is still present.

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