Drop Highlighting on macOS

Last week I wrote an article on Drop Highlighting (which published today), with information on how to make your Xojo built mac app show Drop Targets meeting the Apple HIG.

There is some additional notes (maybe I should include them in the article), but I think I figured out why I couldn’t customize the cursor in the DragEnter event. It appears that Xojo is overriding any cursor you specify (with Xojo code), with one that matches the held down key combo.

It will show the “Move” cursor, when no keys are held down, or the copy or link cursors when those keys are held down. The trouble is, the developer has to then provide code to make those actions actually match up.

Which can lead to customer frustration because the program is providing visual feedback for functionality that it may not support, even worse, the developer of the program may not even know, nor can the developer prevent or override the incorrect visual behavior.

I have reported this as a bug <https://xojo.com/issue/61412>. I would suggest the minimum action from Xojo would be to remove this auto cursor replacement, allowing the developer to display the correct cursor matching the functionality that they actually support.

Edit: My original bug report for not being able to specify the cursor on dragEnter. <https://xojo.com/issue/61399>

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