Drop graphics objects into TextField like OS X sys prefs Dates pane

Is there a way with the Xojo TextField or is there a custom control where you can drag-and-drop pre-defined graphics objects from the same window onto it and add text between these like the OS X system prefs Language & Region > Advanced > Dates pane?

I’d like a control where I can drag one or more objects like the ‘Date Elements’ above onto a TextField and add various characters between them. The objects that are dropped onto the TextField won’t require a drop-down menu like the example. I also require this for OS X and Windows builds.

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This is not dropping a “graphics” object… it is dropping a “text” object… and with a little work, this can be done with a TextField or TextArea control (after all the is exactly what the above dialog IS doing)

Thanks Dave. Do you have any ideas of how I would display text with a background like this in a Label and TextField and make the TextField handle these new text objects as a single item rather than allow the characters to be separated?

Although Dave claims this can be added, I doubt it is easy. In fact, this is pretty complex or about impossible to implement without declares.
You best bet would be to ask Christian (MBS) or JP (dtPlugins) to add this OSX feature.

Well, using a canvas overlaid over the popupmenus would nicely enable catching the dragged text. I see no special need for declare here.

Just to get you started in the right direction, those are NSTokenField objects.

I think dtPlugins had something for them, but with no info on the website I don’t know for sure - you’ll have to download the demo and try it out.

Maybe the TagField from the GraffitiDesktop Suite can help also: https://graffitisuite.com/features/desktop-edition/

Thanks for the replies. As I need this to work for OS X and Windows I’ll first look at what the 3rd party developers can offer.

I think that is the TokenField which I already have: