Drop an image to a Finder folder do not always works

Thanks to this list, I can successfully drop an image (from a Canvas’ Backdrop) into a Folder (Finder folder).

But: sometimes (the front window display is in View as Icons):
a. the drop does not create the file (I saw the image behind the MouseCursor, but the image file is not created),

b. the drop falled into a folder behind the one I drop the image into (I really drop in one folder, but the file goes elsewhere).

c. sometimes, less often, the folder behind start to scroll 'till its bottom (of course, there must be many items in that folder to get a scroll). If I set to front this folder, any attempt to scroll the folder to the top fails: the scroll to bottom is still active. To disable that I have to close that window and reopen it.

Nota: I also noted some discrepency when drag ‘n’ drop Rows from a Listbox when the target folder in the Finder is in List mode. This goes back to normal if I change the display mode to View as Icons. Because I do that far less time than an image drop, I cannot talk more about this strange behavior.

What is your experience ?

PS: I asked in this forum how I can drop an image from my application to a web browser (Firefox), get an answer, implement it and later discovers that I can do the same to the Finder.

Edit: I often have Firefox running. Running Firefox slowdown the whole computer speed.
Also: If I let the Mouse (down) enough time (the target front window or just before it does that), the image goes all the times to the front window. But this is not how the OS is intended to work.
At last: I do not tested the WIndow (10) version enough to know if this behavior exists there. That is why I set the channel to macOS.

  1. “… does not always work”.

  2. I believe the same happens when dragging from other apps to Finder, so it’s not a Xojo issue but a macOS issue.

If you think otherwise, please make a screen recording. Your description is hard to follow; for me, at least.

You’re certainly not alone in that case. :wink:

I have a Canvas in a window where drag an drop is implemented. When I drag the (application created) image to a Finder window, then, sometimes the image file is not created.
Basic action, that sometimes fails.

I only use Firefox (sometimes Safari) to do that. I do not have a lot of applications on my laptop, so I really do not know it this happens to other applications (Drag and drop is not implemented in Preview).

Nota: I found some of these generated image files in my Recovered files (I shutdown / powered ON the laptop since my original post). Some are three times in the folder. I put the date and time in the promised file name (so they are unique). The promised file is created in a Temporary folder.