Drawninto borked ?

new desktop project
add a second window which will be cleverly named window2
on Window1 add a pushbutton with this

Dim newWindow As New Window2
newWindow.Top = 0
newWindow.Left = 0
newWindow.Width = 100
newWindow.Height = 100
newWindow.Title = " some random title"
newWindow.Visible = True

Dim p As New picture( 400, 400 )

newWindow.DrawInto p.Graphics, 0, 0


run & press the button
the contents of the picture are black
I have yet to find a way to make this work reliably

Ideas ?


El Capitan (installed many months ago)
Xojo 2015r1 (same)
Internet active,
FireFox and EyeTV (TNT TV) runnings

Text button and Window2 added in an actual small project (no icon, no image, …)

I added a Canvas, a PushButton and a Listbox (with alternate background colors).

Crazy idea: instead of New Window2 in the PushButton, I used one of my windows (New wMain), and a part of that window appears (100 x 100 I suppose; display the Rectangle - with cyan color inside) I have in that window), the remainder is black.