Drawing rectangles dynamically with relation data


I’m trying to draw rectangles which shows the relation between source and target. One source can have several children and a child can be also a source of other source. Once I get the relation data, I want to draw rectangle and arrow lines dynamically.

I think I should come up with any idea to implement this requirement, but I was just wondering if there is any good example to refer to.

Anyone has?

Thanks in advance.

Something like this?

The links are a separate class which draw themselves (as an Object2D) based on the positions of their related fields.


That screen grab looks great. Well done!


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to.
Can you share code OR give me any hint?

Here is the class. Hope it helps.

Reminds me of MS Access 1995

@Chris Benton Heavily inspired by FileMaker (and every other visual query tool) :slight_smile:

there is a demo project included with Xojo that does this.

its called flowchart.

P.S put your shades on when you run it!