draw basic shapes on canvas or mspaint inside my app

what I need is a basic mspaint within my application. I need to be able to add straight lines, squares, rectangles, circles, stroke lines, dimension lines (to indicate measurements) and text. if the lines or figures or text can be added color … better. but it is not a problem for me if everything is just black.
What I basically need is to make a simple drawing, save it on the hard drive and save the location in a database.
If I can reopen the file or generated image to edit it and save it again, the better. but it’s not a problem

is there a plugin or control (payment or free) that does that?

maybe I should open mspaint from within my application? (I would not know how to do it) but in this case, I do not know how to establish the default path in which the file is saved and also establish a default name of the file without user interaction

any help is appreciated…

PD: WIDOWS 7,10 DESKTOP APP (would be desirable -but not required- if the solution works in Linux )
XOJO 2016r3

take a look at the “Flowchart” example in the “graphic and multimedia” xojo example folder.
all the paint you need is there.