Drag to reorder listbox item

I have created a Todo program with Listbox. Currently, I am able to move any of the items an move them to be the last on the list. However, when I try to move a list to up or down, it does not work. I would appreciate any advice regarding how to move a list item up or down to reorder my todo list. Thanks in advance.

By code ?

If so:
Copy the Row,
Insert a New Row where you want.

Thanks. By code but, looking to click and drag the item up the list.

Is DragReorder enabled? Wait, it’s now called “Allow Row Reordering”.

Thanks! Yes, 'Allow for Reordering is enabled. When I drag and item up or down, it automatically regardless goes to the last row. I will check whether I have not previously coded for this effect in one of the drag/drop controls.

This behavior is coming from your code. AllowDragReorder will automatically allow and handle drag and drop correctly.

Thanks! Several months ago, I had added some complicated code which was causing the problem. When I deleted the code, I was able to easily reorder.