Drag & Drop of and Image

I am working a WebApp that I would like to drag and drop and image onto my WebCanvas. The Browser ( currently Chrome on Window 7) seems to be overriding any underlying settings of the WebApp and accepting the picture drop into a replacement webpage rather than into my WebCanvas. I have tried to facilitate this by setting AcceptPictureDrop = false on the Xojo WebPage (currently only 1 in the WebApp) but that does not operate as I would hope.

Any guidance out there from those with more knowledge than I ??

If you read the docs for http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/WebControl.AcceptPictureDrop you can see that it only affects it’s ability to accept a WebDragItem (which is a drag item that originates from the web app, not the user’s computer)

The behavior you’re seeing in Chrome is actually the default behavior of a web browser, and it is not overriding anything really. Drag and drop into a browser is really new to web, so it’s difficult to implement even outside of Xojo. There are a few existing libraries to make it easier, however I’m not sure that anything has been incorporated into Xojo Web yet.

Uploading files in Xojo Web at the moment means that you’ll need to use a WebFileUploader

Yes I see that DnD within the browsers has many different implementations. The two I have read lightly about are special implementations and HTML5, which apparently simplifies the capability for web developers. I was hoping that someone had done the research for me to disable the DnD browser capability from within Xojo Web so I could focus the feature where I want it to operate within the WebApp.

Thanks for the help and guidance. WebFileUploader looks to be the current path to take.