Drag&Drop from Outlook (or other Windows email app) to Xojo app?

I want to allow users to drag Outlook (or other email apps) attachments directly onto my app window.

I found the https://forum.xojo.com/21742-promised-files-or-getting-files-from-apple-s-photos-app thread for how to do it on Macs, but how about Windows?




Sorry, I was a bit distracted yesterday. The best I found was here :

If obj.GetDataPresent("FileGroupDescriptorW") Then 'Outlook Dim oOutLookObj As New Helpers.OutlookDataObject(e.Data) Dim StrFiles() As String = oOutLookObj.GetData("FileGroupDescriptorW") Dim contentStream() As System.IO.MemoryStream = oOutLookObj.GetData("FileContents") ' Do intended work... End if

From what I can tell this should be visible with DragItem properties, through RawData or PrivateRawData. Otherwise a declare maybe possible but it will take more research.