Drag cursor in Einhugur TreeView on Windows

I am using an Einhugur TreeView control in a Mac/Windows project which will allow the user to drag nodes around. I need to implement the ability to either move the node(s) being dragged to the new location or to copy them to the new location, and I need the user to have visual feedback as to which of the two operations will result if s/he completes the drop.

On the Mac (Cocoa) build, when the user holds down the Option key while dragging, the mouse cursor has an added “Plus” sign in it to indicate that the modifier key is held down. However, on Windows, no modifier key seems to make any change in the cursor during the drag.

I tried setting the cursor explicitly, and returning true in the DragOver event handler, but that seems to make no difference. I’ve tried a number of other hacks, but it seems that the TreeView really, really wants to control things on Windows during a drag.

Is there a way to get cursor behavior analogous to the Mac’s in a Windows build? Or, if not, to somehow provide visual feedback?


Ever find a fix for this?

I’m having the same issue in Windows with the standard ListBox.


I never did, and simply gave up on it (as did the company for whom the project was developed). I actually haven’t tested it recently,