Drag and drop url to textfield

I need to drag a URL link from any web browser to a textfield in a standalone application.

From a webpage I want to drag a link that looks likes this: name 1 - name 2

<a href="http://awebpage.html">name 1 - name 2</a> 

However I want to only draganddrop the (name 1- name 2) of the link, not the actual html.

[quote=63839:@Vince Francia]name 1 - name 2

The HTML code you display is composed of the URL itself, and what the browser displays as a link : ‘name 1 - name 2’. You can drag only the URL, but not the text. That is the reason why you want to experiment the drag and drop and see what gets in your field. You can also experiment with any text editor.

I would bet that what you describe would look simply like :


Sometimes a URL looks like http://awebpage.com?argument1&argument2 which can easily be filtered in the TextChange event as argument 1 argument2 alone.

Some of the major web browsers do not have this functionality built-in. For example, if you try to drag a link from Google Chrome, the information contained from the drop object will not contain the HTML. For my experience it is just the link that is dragged in as text.


Btw, I would not put this under the Windows category, as it is more general than a topic for particular targets.