Downloading Executable to a Text File Locally, No Web Server, No HTTPSocket.Get

Hi there,

I am trying to incorporate an already made app called the “Updater”. However i am trying to use it in a way that would be more beneficial for me.

What the program does, is it goes to an online server, checks to see if there is a newer version of the app that this program is embedded in, and if there is, it downloads it and updates the current app to the newer version of that app.

It performs this by using the HTTPSocket.Get method to find the new versions executable and downloads it to a text file. here is an example of the code:

dim f As FolderItem = GetFolderItem("\\folder items path\folder items name")

me.Get(updateaddress, f)

What my question is, is if there is a way to perform an action similar to how the HTTPSocket.Get Method is downloading the executable to the text file.
But instead what i want it to do is instead of using a web server. i have a local directory that many computers are accessing where i will keep the new version’s executable. can i locate this executable locally, then download it to a text file, not using any web servers.

Just curious if this is possible. if it is not i will just create a web server.

you can use Binarystream to read/write files locally.
or use folderitem’s copy method.

Would that work similarly to downloading it via web sockets? and could you send me a link a an example of how one would do this?

for local file you don’T need socket.

What is the typical path to a file in that local directory you describe ?

I’m a bit confused… if all you need to do is copy the file from a server to a local machine, where does the text file come in?