Download Old Xojo DMG not working

Im trying to download the DMG of Xojo 2015R3.1 to my Mac
It says it is a DMG, but all I get as a download is a .BZ2 file
And ‘unpacking’ that gets me a further zipped file.

‘The Unarchiver’ does unpack to 1.27Gb, but the resulting file cannot be opened by disk image mounter

Any help available?
I’m using Big Sur on this machine.

It’s Webkit based browsers apparently. Wonderful…

Anyway, there is a fix.
Literally change the extension from .BZ2 to read .DMG and then it opens.

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Interesting. I was able to download that DMG just fine on my machine running 12.5.1 and Safari 16 (I routinely run the Safari Technology Preview here)

My internet speed is slower… 7 mn to to (Firefox).

Chrome on my machine. I didn’t get as far as trying safari or Firefox

I think I am tired… I just noticed the dowloading file name ends with .bz2.

They compress it so it is only 396MB (I saw that !)

Update: It’s 32 bit and won’t run anyway.
Gorram it…I was hoping to be able to compile for Windows from that.
The first 64bit Xojo is 2017, but Windows graphics had switched to Direct2D by then and are no use for me.

borrow an old computer from family or friend / nighbour for an hour…

the archive (err… dmg) internal file signature is BZh !

If you’ve got parallels or VMware, run an older version of macOS and an older IDE.