Download new release / file integrity problems

I tried tree times to get release 2022R1.1 installed.
Every time I get stuck here:

I remember I had this problem with the previous release too. Downloaded again an it got solved. This time it seems to be worst and after tree new downloads I have to give up and ask the team / community what gets wrong.

My download:
06-05-2022 23:07 Xojo2022r11Setup.exe
checksum: CCBBEF2BFC349FDBDB719D0D98B8AE5A

Can somebody check this for me ?

There’s definitely something up with the downloads server. I watched the 2022r1.1 download drop 0kb per second like three times while downloading it. The Xojo team is aware that something is wrong, but I don’t know what’s going to be done.

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Mine is Ok, size 1,005,249,416 and the MD5 is 6EE3DAC89279EA979EF91505DF30513B

Power Shell> Get-FileHash .\Xojo2022r11Setup.exe -Algorithm MD5

Algorithm       Hash
---------       ----                                                                   
MD5             6EE3DAC89279EA979EF91505DF30513B

As @Anthony_G_Cyphers said, we’ve badgered them a few times about this. Hopefully they sort it.


Hi Rick, I tried for the fourth time today and give up with the Xojo download server. Could you please put this file somewhere I can download it from ? Would be a big pleasure to me. Thanks in advance. Joost

Dear Xojo team: your downloadserver provides corrupt downloads, as I understand you know already.
I would encourage you guys to start providing a checksum on the download page with every downloadlink. The downloads are just not trustworthy without, that’s been proven now. And next it’s a good habit if you provide stuff for software developers and system operators.

Btw I can’t even get a noncorrupt Feedback.exe to report in the way I should.

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@Rick_A finally I managed to get the file from the Xojo server with the correct checksum 6EE3DAC89279EA979EF91505DF30513B.
Yesterday I downloaded two >20GB iso files with a correct checksum, so I think I can say it’s not on my side where the file gets corrupted.
I seriously hope the Xojo team will provide a checksum with each downloadable file. How else can we trust ?

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If they put the .EXE file into a ZIP file, it will decrease the size of the download, and the corruption detection comes for free, as ZIP compressed files checks CRC integrity while expanding.


We are sorry some of you are having download problems. For anyone experiencing issues please try the alternative download links on the website.

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Please consider adding a 3rd alternative like: “Windows (Zip Compressed)”

This is just the .exe installer in a zipped file and my preferred option to download large files for Windows. Some browsers in “safer modes” avoid downloading executable files directly in one click, usually not a problem for devs, but maybe for young students, and zip files usually aren’t blocked.

This will avoid a corrupted downloaded .exe to start too.

Agree. But this solves a part of the problem if the download server is not ok.