download multiple files

I need my clients to be able to download multiple files from the server simply. Seems that I should be able to have a download button which allows the user to select the desired folder and then have the files downloaded into the folder in one step.

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We don’t control how the browser does that. Your best bet may be to zip the files and download them as one file if you only want to ask the user once.

Most of the answers I’ve seen to this question all recommend zipping the files on the fly so there is just one file to download (the user will still need to unzip it though), or through the use of popup windows/frames/meta refresh to start the individual transfers, but the user will still be prompted for each download (or not, depending on their browser settings)

zipping on the fly?

Hi John,

I’ve done this and the below may help.

I have this in the action event of a button. lstFiles is a container emulating a Listbox with a checkbox on each row.

[code] ReDim DownloadFile(-1)
DownloadIndex = -1

Dim f As FolderItem = GetFolderItem(“C:”).Child(“cloud”).Child(Session.User.Field(“client_id”).StringValue).Child(“to”)

For i As Integer = 0 To lstFiles.Checked.UBound
If lstFiles.Checked(i) Then
DownloadFile.Append New WebFile
Dim Index As Integer = DownloadFile.Ubound
DownloadFile(Index).UseCompression = False
DownloadFile(Index) = WebFile.Open(f.Child(lstFiles.Files(i)), false)
DownloadFile(Index).ForceDownload = True
AddHandler DownloadFile(Index).Downloaded, AddressOf DownloadComplete

  log(Session.User.Field("email").StringValue, "Downloaded file " + f.Name)
End If

Next i

If DownloadFile.Ubound > -1 Then
If DownloadIndex < 0 Then
DownloadIndex = 0
Call DownloadFile(DownloadIndex).Download
End If
End If[/code]

DownloadFile is a WebFile array property on the page.

My DownloadComplete code is:

Sub DownloadComplete(File As WebFile) #pragma Unused File DownloadIndex = DownloadIndex + 1 If DownloadIndex > DownloadFile.Ubound Then DownloadIndex = -1 Else Call DownloadFile(DownloadIndex).Download End If End Sub

This downloads file after file until complete.

It would appear that pasting code doesn’t take into account long lines, so you can’t just copy & paste, but you’ll get the idea.