Download and read the file

I’m trying to create a way to check if exists a version
higher for current version.

In the code bellow I download the file, check if it exists
but can not show the content within the file.
Inside the file is one numerical value.
I can only read the value if i put a pause of 3s :expressionless:

any ideas?
Is possible to read the content on the web instead of downloading the file?

  dim socket1 as new HTTPSocket
  check = new FolderItem("ver.dat")
  socket1.get("", check)
  e = getfolderitem("ver.dat")
  if e <> nil and e.exists = true then
    stream = e.openastextfile
    versr = stream.readline
  end if


Subclass your socket and use the DATAAVAILABLE event…

You need to wait until the download is complete… could be seconds, minutes… depends on file size, traffic etc.