Doublebuffer, EraseBackground gone

These have been marked as deprecated for a while.
In 2023, they have gone.
Now, my windows app gives a big blank window before repainting, when restored from being minimised.
There is no need for this: if I hover the mouse over the minimised app at the taskbar, the screen is displayed full size, no flickering, exactly as it was when minimised.
But if I complete the restore by clicking on the minimised icon, I get a nasty white flicker that I am unable to find any workaround for.
Exactly as if the window and/or controls were set to erasebackground = true
The default for invalidate and refresh is erase = true, which 99% of the time is exactly what I do not want to happen.

How do I stop this flicker?

ps: and every single instance of these on the window already have false as a parameter