Double TitleChanged event on Windows

Using 2023r1.1 under Catalina, macOS testing under same and Win-10 testing in a Virtual-Box VM.

I have a DesktopHTMLViewer with the TitleChanged and CancelLoad event handlers. I load the Viewer with html which may have some mailto: links and/or links to other sites. If I click a mailto: link, there is an onclick handler for the link which generates a TitleChanged event by setting document.title. Correct processing relies on exactly one event being generated by one click.

On macOS and Linux, one event is what I get. On Win10, however, the event fires twice, with the same new title being passed through each time (this is fortunate, in fact, as it allows me to implement a workaround).

I have a small example to demonstrate this matter, but before raising an Issue I wondered if this is a known issue for the DesktopHTMLViewer under Windows.