Double paper-cut when printing to BIXOLON ticket printer

Hi guys!

In addition to sending you a cordial greeting, I have a question and I think maybe you can help me.

I am printing on a BIXOLON thermal ticket printer. My app was working perfectly fine, but recently, without any changes in the code, when I send a ticket to the printer, it prints fine and at the end it cuts the paper as expected, BUT then it does some kind of “line break”. and cut the paper again. I call it “double-paper-cut”.

I really don’t know why it happens. I used to end the print part of the program with the “g.NextPage” command, but removed it, and I get the same “double-paper-cut”.

Then I tried the “g=NIL” at the end or my printing code, but again I get the same result.

Finally I removed the last line of my code, basically I don’t “ends” the print job, the program just sends the last line of the ticket to the printer, and that’s it, the program continues to execute other tasks, but the “double-paper-cut” persists.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Best regards!

A wild stab in the dark, but is there some sort of label size defined. Are you somehow exceeding that and getting an “automatic page end” and then your manual one. That could be caused by a change in fonts or some such, resulting in a larger “Page”?

Thanks Ian for your answer.

I think I’m not going too far, I don’t think so, because it always happens, it doesn’t matter if the ticket has two or two hundred lines, it makes no difference, when it reaches the end of the ticket, it happens again. : (

No problem. Just a thought.

Can you explain this?

Up until “and that’s it” I guessed that the ticket didn’t cut as you didn’t send the “ends”, but then you wrote “but the “double-paper-cut” persists”, does that mean that even if you don’t send the “ends” the printer do the “double-paper-cut”?

Hi Alberto!

Yes! Exactly as you said. It doesn’t matter if I end my code with “g.nextpage” or “g.Nil” or even if I don’t write nothing after the last “g.DrawText” or “g.DrawString” instruction, it always cuts the paper, then advance some more paper (about 1cm) and then cuts it again. So strange!

Really appreciated!

It must be something else I’m not considering…

I don’t know if it’s related, but I access the ticket printer with a method. That is, the main program put the information on the screen, then call this method that just takes the screen displayed data and sends it to the ticket printer.

When I say that the program finishes printing and continues doing other things, I mean that method ends, and the program just continues working doing other non printing related tasks.

Are there any printer drives that have been updated?

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  • Can you check the program in another machine and printer?
  • Can you do a system restore to a previous point and test there?
  • Did you use a new executable compiled with a different Xojo version?
  • Check if your printer driver has the option to “cut on each page” and disable.
  • Test using something simple like notepad
  • Try with a simple xojo app that prints a single line

If nothing works, xojo is not very good at printing, to have reliable results you can look for “RAW printing” in the forum.

I don’t suppose that there are any settings in the printer driver that enabled an auto paper cut at the end of a print job?

There seems to be a web interface to a lot of their printers, what happens if you print from other software, if it still does the double cut then it is likely not a problem with your software.

Hi Ivan, I finally gave up and formatted and installed windows 10 from scratch. Then re-installed my program (same executable as before, didn’t re-compile), and it stopped double-cutting, for now… I could no longer tell if the problem was Windows, the printer driver, my program… or all together! I just hope it doesn’t do it again after the next Windows update. Thanks to all you guys for your invaluable help. Greetings!

Friend Ian.

Before formatting the computer, I double-checked the driver configuration, indeed you have the option to select: (1) not making any cut, (2) making a single cut, and (3) double cutting (the latter I don’t know what it could be used for, but it also has it). I tried without cutting and it just prints out but it doesn’t cut the paper at all, then I tried with a single cut, and that’s when it did double-cut, finally I tried with the double cut option and it cuts the paper three times! So I decided to make a backup of the most important information, and reformat everything again. I’m back to normal. Thanks for your help.