Double click on a control

When I drag a control (TextField as an example) to a Window and then double click on it I get the Add Event Handler and I think is nice to get that option and I use it.

I wanted to add another Event to a TextField so I double click on a TextField that already had a TextChange event and to my surprise, instead of getting the Add Event Handler again, the code editor for TextChange event opens up.

So I added a KeyDown event by other means, now that I double click the TextField the code editor opens the KeyDown event, I guess the IDE selects the first of the list of events to open.

My question is: why this was designed like that? I expected that when I double click the control it always give the option to add an event.

For me it will be easier to navigate if double click always offer to add an event. It will be great too if I right click on the control, have the option to go directly to an event, like adding ‘Go to event code -> the list of all events assigned to the control’

Double-click means “edit this control”. The only reason the “add event” dialog appears the first time is because there’s nothing to edit yet.

And it only goes to the first event (alphabetically) on that control, right? There is no way, after the double click, to select which event we want to go, correct?

I want to minimize the mouse/trackpad use, if I can’t double click on a control to always add an event, it will be nice if I can right click the control, select ‘Add to “TextField1”’, and the menu that opens up will start with ‘Event Handler…’, as far as I can tell, the grayed out options above that will never be available for a control, so for me it makes sense to remove them all together when a control is selected. That will reduce the mouse/trakpad distance and save some time after months of use. Maybe a lot of work for minimum benefit.

And add the ‘Go to event code’ just below the 'Add to ’ will be great.

How about if you add the option to press ESC when you are editing the code in one event, to return to the control?

I think they may be shortcuts that I don’t know. I’ll try to find them. For example, is there an easy way to move from the code of one event to the next? Still a lot to learn.

One click on the control. Left pane (navigator) shows the current list of events set. Click on desired one to edit it.
Right click (or two fingers click on mac, or control-click) lists the “add event to this control” (add to x, event handler).

Thank you Rick, I’m just trying to minimize the mouse distance use.

I know is silly and the developers resources are better spent on other things.

I agree, is easy enough to go to the Left pane instead.

I also tend to think it’s inconsistent
There is, or was, a feature request to make it so double click would always bring up the add event pane
I cant find it though
So I added a new one

Thank you Norman.

I did another test, it looks like double click open the last event added and not the first in alphabetical order.