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Thanks a lot, Xojo! I absolutely love that now I can start to use Xojo to create iOS apps!

Some years back this was just the highest ranking wishful thinking in Feedback. And now you did it.


It feels great, to be on board right from the beginning of a great new journey.

I also look forward to additional features and functionality as well. This is a truly great addition!

Congratulations indeed for Xojo, but in this holiday season, do not forget to update your letter to Santa, and update your top cases in Feedback with a new number one, since iOS is now a reality :wink:

Great job, Xojo! First look is very promising!

Yes, a huge thanks is due to everyone at Xojo. I think iOS is very promising and this is supported by the fact that I renewed my Pro subscription on the day iOS was released even after using it for almost six months in alpha and beta. While it was obviously a team effort, I’d like to single out @Joe Ranieri and @Travis Hill for special thanks for the timely and helpful responses they provided during the test phase. Onwards and upwards!

+1 renewed as soon as it was available :slight_smile:

Now I look forward for R4 to get more controls and some sorely needed properties and features, as promised by Geoff. But the current stability of the product and the overall friendliness of the IDE seems to make it already fit for the iTunes Store. Not to mention the reassurance to know they are actively working on the 64 bit R3.1 to be ready in time for February 2015.

I also immediately renewed.

I don’t agree/care for the new pricing model. However I make a very good living using Xojo products so I am happy to pay whatever is required.

The news on 64-bit was very reassuring. I think many “leaving” the community will be back when they find the grass is not any greener. Software development is a difficult profession and you have to really take pause sometimes and consider how much worse it could be.

I have my issues with Xojo and may seem pessimistic but thats only because you haven’t heard my thoughts on the competition.

With a Pro license, a Xojo user has a good chance to solve almost any problem that can be solved by software.

As needed, a user can create service apps, web apps, Desktop clients…console apps…and now iOS apps. All compiled natively.

Create apps for Windows, OS X, … the big Linux distros.

Obviously, there are still tasks to accomplish, but for the most part Xojo has empowered us to do anything we want.

While my specific situation with regard to 64bit drove me to Java for the immediate term, I have no doubts that Xojo will “get there” and and I’m fully keeping my annual renewals up to date. So, while I “detoured” to Java for the immediate need, I’m far from abandoning the Xojo ecosystem in the long term.

In fact, while I “thought” I had no use for iOS (or any mobile development) in the near term, I’ve just uncovered a great helper app that I can build with Xojo 14r3 right now.

Tim Jones
RB/RS/Xojo user since 2001: a Code Odyssey.

Just so that everyone has appropriate expectations, I promised that we will add more functionality but I never said it would be in R4. There won’t be an R4. There may be an update to R3 to resolve some issues but the next major release won’t be this year. Heck, it’s the 10th of December! Additionally, several members of the team have been working very long hours and weekends to get R3 out the door. They need a break so we will be closed from Christmas day through the 4th of January for some well-earned rest.

2015 R1 ? In the meantime, you do deserve a break :slight_smile:

I have exactly the opposite problem - I do not have enough work, and thus WILL be working all over Christmas (including Christmas day), in order to get my start-up business organised and efficient :slight_smile:

That’s what it takes when you are the boss. I just spent a Med vacation working. Why did the ships have to add internet connectivity?