Domain that is not trusted SQL SERVER 2012

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Very grateful for your attention, to resolve the following:

I am doing my first XOJO application - SQL SERVER 2012
On a laptop Number 1, I have installed the database engine SQL SERVER 2012, when I run my application from laptop Number 1, it can connect to the database engine, perform queries and updates, all correctly, the IP of the Laptop Number 1 is:

I need to run the application from a laptop number 2, when connecting, it shows me the following error and I cannot connect:

Translated into English:
Login error. The login is done from a domain that is not trusted and cannot be used with windows authentication.

In Spanish:
Error de inicio de sesin. El inicio de sesin se realiza desde un dominio que no es de confianza y no se puede realizar utilizar con autenticacion de Windows.

Laptop Number 1 and Laptop Number 2, are in the same local area network

Dim conectado As Boolean

App.pDb = New classDBSqlServer
App.pDb.UserName = "sa"
App.pDb.Password = "XXXXXX"
App.pDb.DatabaseName = "CONSULTAS"

If App.pDb.Connect Then
  conectado= True
  MsgBox("Conexion Satisfactoria a SQL SERVER")
  conectado = False
End If

Return conectado

Your comments will be greatly appreciated, to solve the problem



Sounds like it’s trying to use a “trusted connection” or domain/windows account. Are you really using “sa” or some other account?

A couple of things to try:

Specify the Port property. Default is 1433.

Specify the server instance in the Host property (SQL Server can host multiple “instances” on one server). It would look like “Laptop1\instancename”. Or possibly “\instancename” would work, but I seem to recall issues using an IP address in this case.

So the SQL Server is running on laptop 1 which is running the working test?

Have you set up the SQL Server to allow remote connections?

If not, try running through this

In SSMS, check your DB’s Properties/Security tab and ensure Authorization is set to SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode.

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Julian Samphir
Tanner Lee

Sure enough, I had to open port 1433 and it connects correctly