Does Xojo have scrollable collapsible checklists?

Hello all,

For those who don’t have much time, short version:

I need a collapsible, scrollable checkbox list that has collapsible sublists, each checkbox which is capable of holding a large amount of text. Does Xojo have such a control, and if not, would it be possible to create in code? Or would I have to design this project differently?

Long version:

I have not done any programming in several years and I now find myself in a position to need some custom software. I don’t have the time to build it or the money for the hiring of someone else to build it, so for the time being, I must build what of it I can, in my spare time.

The first challenge I face is that I appear to need a function that is not in the library of interface options. I need to create a script manager for written scripts consisting of multiple paragraph length statements which are organized into groups that focus on one goal, which I call modules. These scripts and the statements they are made up of are very complex. Currently I build them in LibreOffice Writer, making heavy use of different attributes like font sizes, colors and bold text to keep them comprehensibly readable.

What I have in mind is a scrollable, collapsible checkbox list that shows module names, and sub-lists for each module of the statements themselves. I envisioned each statement being in a collapsible display which could be opened for editing, with full rich text control.

These scripts are basically dozens of modules, with each module consisting of 1 to ? statements, each statement being paragraph length. In LO Writer, they typically take 30 to 50k words, and sometimes get up past 135k. Needless to say, they’re getting too complex to work with in a word processor, which is why I’m looking at this option.

The key is, I don’t see a scrollable, collapsible checklist option. Is there one and I’m missing it? If there is not one, I’m presuming this can be created in code? I need to be able to create an organized list consisting of the skeleton script (which is used by all of the programs I’m creating) , and then add, remove or edit the key scripting that differentiates that program from all the others. When I say program, I mean audio programs being built from these scripts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond. Your time and help are very much appreciated.

No, there’s no such Control. Yes, you can do pretty much anything you can think of.
But there are Controls which can offer features which may reduce the work you have to put in on your own, like for example.

Thank you. That helps a lot.

I imagine you could build this using a container control which consists of the checkbox + editable area. You would then embed that multiple times into a window at runtime.

For the text editing you might need something like BKeeney’s Formatted Text Control.

Can you use a hierarchical listbox with checkboxes? That would allow you to have scrollable hierarchical/expandable list of checkboxes. You can edit the text in cells live but the editing capability is rudimentary the rows would all have to be the same height which is likely unacceptable … but you could use a listbox and do the full display/editing in dialogs by double clicking on a cell. Or instead of a Dialog have the description be short and edit the content in a TextField to the right of the list box (think Navigator and Methods editor in the IDE)