Does Xojo have an error explanation file?

VB was most helpful in the way it explained what caused and error and (in most cases) how to fix the problem. Maybe Xojo has this feature, but it is not evident. Can anybody direct me to an error explanation or the like if one exists.

Hhmm…Well, the exceptions names are pretty self explanatory. A nil object exception is an object was nil when it was accessed. Out of bounds exception, key not found exception and so on. In the application.unhandled exception event you should have a way to track the exception and the stack to figure out WHERE it happened.

Sadly, the information doesn’t go so far as to tell you what line it happened on. Because of this fact I tend to lean toward short methods. Nothing worse than trying to figure out which object was nil in a 2000 line method (I’ve had to debug other peoples code and this exact scenario came up).

We use this method to get the name of the exception for reporting purposes:

Private Function TypeOfException(err as runtimeexception) As string if err <> nil Then Return Introspection.GetType(err).FullName end if End Function

Then make sure you’re looking at the stack to figure out in what method it happened.

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