Does word highlighting exist in Xojo ?

Was wondering if this feature exists in the IDE coding screens for Xojo.

I use a text editor called Notepad++. One of the best features that I love is this :

when you double click on a word, the word is automatically highlighted, but so are all the other identical words also highlighted.

When working through code, it is a great tool to easily spot where the same variable / word exists elsewhere in the code.

Is this an existing feature, or is there somewhere that I can post a request to ?

No, it doesn’t exist. Post all requests through the Feedback app.

Thanks Kem. Will do so.

Dave, did you create a feature request for this? I’m also a Notepad++ fan and will definitely assign some points to a word highlight feature.

Hi Alwyn

Yes, I did create a request. Although I did share it with ‘me and Xojo’ only, so not sure if would be able to add to it.

I do see that Norman Palardy has also commented and he also added a screenshot from Notepad++

Am hoping that this gives some hope for the addition of what is, really, a very handy visual aid.

Regards from Amanzimtoti

I agree fully, word highlighting is a valuable feature indeed.

Great to meet another South African :wink: I’m seeing more and more local developers finding a liking in Xojo.


didn’t think it was something that I needed to bother the whole world about, just for a new feature request.

Promise next time I will share ideas so everyone can hop on the support train and gather opinions on the usability.


The “only with Xojo” option is there if you have to share private data or if the report is about a private release like a beta. The general rule of thumb is, if it’s safe for the whole world to see it, make it public. That will also help prevent duplicates when someone inevitably has the same idea.

This is just my opinion, of course.

In the meantime, post a comment to that report asking Xojo to switch it to public. They can, and often will, honor such a request.

OK Kem

Request sent.

When public it also makes it possible for others to assign some of their voting points to the request.

Voting Points ? Something you get as a Xojo Pro user ?

Or just the ability to ‘chip in’ ?

ok. now public : 39266 - Highlight variables in IDE code

Assigned some points to <>.