Does RB2011r2 work under Windows 10?

I realize that I should migrate from Windows 7 soon.
Will older RealStudio, especially 2011r2, work alright under Windows 10,
or am I in for a surprise?
Thanks in advance.

just the # of bug fixes between then and now I’d encourage you to update

Well that might be a good advise in general, thank you.
However, what I am getting at is: Will 2011r2 IDE work out of the (W10-)box?

If you meant the # of RB/Xojo bugs, I do have newer versions.
In this case, which is maintaining a working product, I avoid fixing what ain’t broken.

I mean sheer number of fixes in both Windows & Xojo

That said it should work as far as I know

On my Windows 10 64 bit it works just fine. I haven’t test everything but a selection of the example programs did run without a problem.

Thanks guys.