Does encoding following string

Hi Everyone,
I import a csv file with DOSLatin1 encoding to an array ( the string is ok at that stage )…
Then push it to SQLlite DB… ( I know by default UTF8 )… In the BD some string show as symbol
I don’t understand why it’s ok in the array ( is there encoding in the array ) ?
I thought that i have to set my SQLlite column to BLOB… But now my string are just a bunch of number
What i’v missing

Cycle through the array and convert the encoding of each element to utf-8 before storing it to your database.

DOSLatin1 encoding ?

Excepted if you cannot do anything about it.

As Kem said, convert the encoding to UTF8 (be in the 21st century !).

Then, push it into a sqite db file.

Warning: be sure to declare the db Column as String (not Integer), and read/write the data as Strings.

Thank you both
@Emile Schwarz … I don’t choose where the data came from… just be the magician of the bizarre data cave :slight_smile: