Does anyone use Linode?

So the YouTube algorithm has pegged me as web developer and lately I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for Linode.

I was wondering if anyone else here uses Linode? It seemed like it might be worth testing Lifeboat with, but as resources stretch thin I only want to spend time with services Lifeboat users are actually deploying to.

Do you use Linode?
If yes, what flavor and version of Linux are you deploying?
Do you also use Lifeboat?
Have the two worked well so far, or have you found issues?

Aside from this query, I always welcome Lifeboat (and other app feedback) at

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell

Yup, for the past 4+ years for different projects including hosting xojo webapps (with the help of lifeboat). However this year, I’ve migrated to hetzner. All in all, linode, digitalocean, hetzner, for a simple vps, they’re all the same.
as for flavours I mainly use ubuntu 20.04 (my prefence) but debian 9.x also. Lifeboat only with debian, in the past I had some problems with ubuntu and after a chat with you (email) switched to debian.

I have used linode. But I switched to Digital Ocean I find I get more machine for the $ at digitial ocean. DO also has nice virtual network. So if you have a few machines they can talk to each other. I use the latest ubuntu for OS. For databases (postgresql or mysql or mongodb) you can spin one up at DO with a few clicks.

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Sorry for the late reply, I have not been on the forum for a couple of weeks…

My top 3 VPS providers are Vultr, Digital Ocean and Linode. Linode was acquired by Akamai last year, and I feel as though Akamai has poured some resources into Linode which has allowed them to accelerate the completion of requested features like managed databases:

I feel Vultr offers the best performance for the dollar, especially their High Frequency instances, and use them often. They are the only VPS provider that I know of that allows you to upload a custom iso and run Windows Server if that is ever needed.

Digital Ocean probably offers the best web interface and has been my goto because of their managed database offering. Now that Linode has had managed databases going for around a year now, I plan on revisiting them again.

As far as using Lifeboat with Linode instances, I have not had a chance to do that yet. The last time I used Linode was before purchasing Lifeboat, and I configured Nginx load balancing manually.

With Linode’s acquisition by Akamai, I would say they are only going to be increasing their marketshare. Many of the podcasts I listen to are sponsored by Linode (this was the case even before the Akamai acquisition), so they definitely invest in some marketing.

I will soon need to implement another VPS for work, and I am leaning towards going with Linode once again (and plan to use Lifeboat with a Debian instance).

Despite their lower marketshare, I would say if it is not too much work, adding support for Linode in Lifeboat would not be a bad use of time.

According to the 2022 Stackoverflow developer survey, for all respondents the summarized breakdown of usage of Cloud Platforms (not just for VPS instances) was:

AWS - 51%
Digital Ocean - 15.64%
Linode - 3.92%
OVH - 3.76%
Oracle - 2.18%
IBM - 1.68%