Does anybody know what this Runtime Error means?

My app running at one particular client site crashes at the same point every time. It displays the following Runtime Error dialog:

Does anybody know what this means?

No image.

I’ve really got to learn how to share Google Drive images properly. I see the image so it must be a permissions thing.

Anyway the message is:

The only reference I find to this error is linked to the Unity game engine. Does the computer have a game installed that uses the Unity engine?

What Version of Windows ?
What version of Xojo did you use to create this ?
Do they have the common C runtime properly installed for their version ?
All security updates up to date ?

Windows has SetResolution functions in codec and GDI+.
Do you use a Xojo version with GDI+?

Thanks team. It’s a Windows 10 VM provided by AWS. I’m using Xojo 2017 r1.1. I have a suspicion it might be occurring when reading a BLOB from a SQL Server database because I’ve had a similar error message previously when there was something wrong with the image file in the database. As I said, it only happens for one database and only at one particular point. I’m going to get the user to delete the images for the record in question and see if that resolves it.