Does anybody created a overlay in a webcam stream yet?

I like to create a program that does a live overlay in my webcam stream. Like what you can do in OBS. I need to select the webcam as the source and use the new program as the new virtual webcam within Skype or zoom. There are a lot of other programs out there, but I like to create small one with Xojo. Anybody did this or have some snippets for this as a quick starter? I have MBS And Einhugur to use within the project. Suggestions are welcome

as i understood you create a virtual device (driver) this read the web cam input and provide a new camera output.
i guess u need ms vs c++ and wdk.

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You’r right, that’s what I ment.
Thank you for the tip, this could be a way to do it.

Reading the webcam is already possible with the current plugins, but creating a stream-out with the overlays within Xojo is the difficult task.