Does an Auto implement an interface?

Pretty much as the title says. I have an object stored in an Auto that I need to determine if it implements an interface. Xojo.Introspection.TypeInfo.IsSubclassOf doesn’t help with this, as it checks for hierarchy, not interfaces.

I could simply try to assign the auto to a variable of the interface type I want and catch a type mismatch, but that seems like the wrong way to do it. Anybody have a better idea?

Does IsA not work?

Of course it’s too obvious.

I’ve been habitually avoiding IsA because it either does or used to cause crashes with Auto under certain circumstances. Of course, I can’t find the feedback report about it now.

Well, it’s not a crash, but

Dim Arr() As Auto Dim Instance As Auto = Arr If Instance IsA TestInterface Then MsgBox "Implements" Else MsgBox "Not Implements" End If

Does cause a TypeMismatchException.

Right. Interfaces can’t be applied to an array. Your code:

 If Instance IsA TestInterface Then

would also fail if you were testing against a class name. You’re not checking if the members of the array are of that type, you’re checking if the array itself is.

Of course, but my point is that it makes it really difficult to use. I can’t simply to If Value IsA Interface Then because Value could be anything. So best I can tell, I still need to go back to introspection to make sure what is in that Auto isn’t an array before I test it.

Fwiw, the case you’re thinking of is: